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Why We Need More Climate Change Skeptics

Unfortunately, the politicized climate field has many reinforcing biases entrenched within it. This must lead to the dissemination of biased or incomplete facts, and biased conclusions. Yet it is important we don’t get this wrong. Because people suffer and die when science becomes unquestioned dogma.
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4 Pros of Homeschooling (and 4 Challenges)

Homeschooling fosters deeper connections between kids and parents, allows a more tailored approach to education, and accommodates the family schedule, among other positive effects. It can also leave children isolated from peers and social interaction without the resources offered by traditional schools. Before deciding whether or not to...
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Capitalism: Understanding Its Secret

Many of the people who disagree with us think that capitalism is just an anarchistic, zero-sum game that paves the way for rich folks to exploit poor folks and to steal the products of workers’ labor. So which side of this contentious debate is on the right track?
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