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Five Tips to Creating Sleep Naturally

Healthcare professionals tell us that we should get more sleep. Sounds simple, but actually getting natural healthy sleep is another thing entirely. Check out these quick ideas below, you might find that getting a good nights sleep has more to do with  how you spent your day.

Whatever you do, consider making a habit of it

One professor, Anna Zisberg, is a  Ph.D. at the University of Haifa, led a study on the correlation between habits and sleep quality.   Her study shows that we get better sleep if we develop daily and weekly habits of any kind.

Exercise, exercise, exercise

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that exercise tops the list, when it comes to improving almost everything in our biological selves. Sleep is no exception.

Get some math test so you’ll do better in your sleep

It turns out that when students get better scores in math, they sleep better. Go figure.  According to Jennifer C. Cousins, a researcher with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, students wouldn’t wake up so often during the night when they did better in history and English.

Fix your acid  reflux

Nothing worse that a loud noise waking you when you’re trying to sleep, nothing except maybe acid jumping out of your stomach and burning your esophagus. A sleep study from the University of Oklahoma found that people who reported having Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), 40% of them indicated they had trouble getting a full nights sleep.

Relax, we can’t stress it enough

Kathi L. Heffner, Ph.D, tells us that as we get older that stress takes its toll on our immune system and results in more inflammation and poor sleep. Just a few thoughts for to consider when you’re not sleeping. – Gary Paul Bryant