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How the Spatial Web Will Fix What’s Broken About the Internet

Converging exponential technologies will transform media, advertising and the retail world. The world we see, through our digitally-enhanced eyes, will multiply and explode with intelligence, personalization, and brilliance. This is the age of Web 3.0. Last week, I discussed the what and how of Web 3.0 (also known...
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Managing the Unintended Consequences of Technology

Last month, I attended the first annual Unintended Consequences of Technology (or UCOT) in San Francisco. I can’t say enough about the high quality of the content or the importance and timeliness of the topics discussed. The attendees were a fascinating collection of entrepreneurs, business executives, journalists, policy-thinkers,...
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How Quantum Computing is Enabling Breakthroughs in Chemistry

Quantum computing is expected to solve computational questions that cannot be addressed by existing classical computing methods. It is now accepted that the very first discipline that will be greatly advanced by quantum computers is quantum chemistry. Quantum Computers In 1982, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman observed...
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