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About CWN


Some of the world’s news never sees the light of day. We want to change that.

That’s why Complete World News (CWN) is a news media experience that is always evolving. From shining a light on human injustice or the latest financial or environmental development, from showcasing new music and books, to spreading the word about exciting innovations and products in the world of business, both big and small, Complete World News skips the redundant and goes for the fresh every time. It’s always news that you can act on.

We want you to know that there are still writers and publishers who care about the substance of what they deliver to the public. We actively search them out. There are still news producers and curators who respect the work of true journalists as well as copyright owners. Complete World News aspires to these higher standards. That’s why we source every article we publish. The Fourth Estate is a changing landscape, and while we experiment with delivery systems, responsible and ethical journalism should still be the highest priority. After all, it’s the stuff of all of accurate decision-making. So while we as a society embrace technology to improve our lives, we should maintain our humanity and value the truth. That’s our goal at Complete World News.